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House painting in Portland  for interior or exterior decoration is available at your local hardware store, paint shops, and do-it-centers nation wide or local painting contractors.

Local painters will have a huge range of colors on their charts, which are made by blending the main tints and tones of their collection. Most paint companies will produce small test amounts of a color, especially if it is one of those, which you have requested to be mixed.

Good-quality Professional Painters will keep your home looking great for many years and is used by professional painters.

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Offering quality customer service is essential for your painting business. You need to be there to answer all of their questions from the very start. Make sure all of your advertising materials have contact information on them. That way people can call you to find out more. You need to return all calls and emails within 24 hours so make that a priority. Failure to do so gives the impression that you aren't interested in working with them.

As your painting business grows you may find it helpful to hire someone to take care of your customer service. Make sure they are friendly, responsible, and well organized. That way you can be confident they are giving customers a very positive image of your painting business. At the same time delegating such responsibilities gives you more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Should you have unhappy customers from time to time your customer service methods will determine the outcome. You can still change the situation if you are willing to respond to them timely. You also need to have a plan of action of how you can resolve the situation. It is extremely frustrating though for customers when they can't get anyone to help them. If you make customer service a priority for your painting business though you won't have any issues in this department.

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hi everyone this is Sarah Fezio and I am doing this video and because i have received some comments from some viewers that are asking about cell with paint and water and then so the title of the video was paint and water only they're like 100 well yeah I did but the thing is I feel like primarily it's paint and water I used water that's in the paint not the G 8800 the GHC 800 is an additive to help reduce crazing maybe in the last few videos that I put out I had two quarts of paint maybe there were a few tablespoons of ghd 800 not enough to impact it and then someone asked about putting pouring medium with the pigment powder well you have to have something in your pigment powder ok you can't just put the powder in there by itself you can probably blow it on top of it that might be something that I try eventually but you have to have some sort of fluid to put the pigment powder in ok so then there were questions I've used peavey a PVA is polyvinyl something or another basically wood glue or Elmer's glue that has vinyl in it ok vinyl is not as long lasting as a hundred percent acrylic tank ok now I have an alternative to that that i'm not using today but this particular poor is for people that want to do paint and water only and create cells now does it happen every single time no do i think it will happen this time yes and let me you I have to do with the fact that i'm using acrylic health paint that has primer bits built into it which has resin acrylic resin and pumice is the are the ingredients in the house paint i'm using glidden diamond and fresh tangerines and in tan suede now once you start doing several pores with these materials you begin to realize which paints on what are more likely to create fell and that has to do with the density of the pigment that's in it I know fresh tangerine cells I know that's what it will do i know that bright aqua green will create cell the only thing I'm concerned about is that I don't have I don't want to use another health paint I want to have two and two so I didn't use white health paint I used a tan suede tan suede gloves because I wanted that color instead now this over here is artist's loft raw umber and you can see the thickness ok this is what pretty much what that paint looks like without sending it with water do I need to add pouring medium to this no I don't do i need to add any PVA glue or anything else no i don't why because it's thick enough already that all i need to do is add water and thin it the only time you have to use pouring medium is when you need to thicken something ok like a pigment powder or if you're using an acrylic ink or a fluid acrylic or a high-flow acrylic this is way too thin okay this is way too thin to be put in like a dirty pork up that's not going to work you have to thicken this when you use something like this you need to use a pouring medium whether you choose to use PVA glue or float all or pouring medium or golden acrylic polymer or whatever you choose to do you have to thicken this up okay same thing with the pigment powder you have to add something to that when you're using health paint or you're using paint in the tube you do not have to add any other medium to it okay that's like when I did the golden and acrylic polymer i use the ink I mean the high flow and the fluid by golden I didn't use like paint in a tube theoretically I could use let's say theoretically if I wanted green I could take a heavy body paint add water to it very slowly and thin it down the problem is well there's a lot of pigment in it there's more pigment in this because it's a professional-grade paint but the problem is it takes a lot of paint okay a lot of paint this is only two ounces well that's like everything I put in this cup over here the bright aqua green except this one cost three times as much okay I'm not exactly sure of this particular one but these costs more like ten dollars and I can get this for 250 or three dollars is there a difference in the quality of the pigment yes the student grade paints like artist loft or liquitex basics will dry darker it's not saying the others won't but there's more likely to be a color shift when you use a student a tight is there a color shift in the health paint like does it dry a different color no it doesn't that's why I'm not so anyhow that's why I'm not adding anything to this could I add GI c800 like a squirt yes what will that do it will prevent the paint from crazing because no one wants but do I consider it a poor with Gaz 800 no I would not add this to nine parts of gac 800 because there's no need to this paint and the acrylic polymers in it and the structure of this paint is already the consistency where you can just water it down and why do i add g8 800 to prevent crazy because i don't want to do a painting and have a big rip in the paint and down the middle of it and then I spent all my time and my money and my materials and my painting is really ok I don't want that to happen but for this experiment I'm not going to add any so I have my bright aqua green by liquitex basics I have my raw umber by artist loft I'm going to set these two sides I have my to health paint now this is glidden that's the consistency without adding any water yes it's all very nicely off meisterstuck but I still want to thin it just a tad another word of caution if you you if you do a very large painting like I did the 24 m but in the 24 by 24 and the 24 x 36 in one night in a room that's 12 x maybe 20 it says use in a ventilated room in other words if you painted your wall with the house paint and you slept in the wet paint room that would not be good for you because there are fumes there's not very many but people can also be allergic to it and after three hours of working with those paintings in this room it was it was giving me a headache it was also one in the morning I hadn't eaten I had gone to see my stepmom who was ill in the hot in the hospital and so I was not feeling very well and I ended up opening my windows and turning my air conditioner on all the cold air goes out the hot air goes in and I got circulation in my apartment okay so here is my fresh tangerine that's the consistency and my tan suede gloves am i adding any mediums to this at all besides water no I'm not my purpose is to show how you can use paint and water to make cells why do i think i can make so i have to do with the fact that there's other materials inside this health paint inside this house paint that react differently with the artist's loft paint and the liquitex basics paint the glidden diamond has a hundred percent guarantee there's going to be a video coming out about bear paints and I'm sorry that the 24 x 36 took so long to release but we had testing at school this week and last week and I'm the testing coordinator so I was a little bit busy and I haven't been able to even check my phone as much as I'd like so here is the tan suede so my canvas is 11 x 14 i'm going to set these to the side i'm going to get another cup to pour from i'm going to double it so I don't crush the cup and to put on some gloves so I hope it was perfectly clear you only have to use pouring medium you can use it if you want but I would not suggest adding these student let these paints or too thick really to add to the pouring medium you're going to have to add water and when you begin adding water to the pouring medium it can craze so if you do it that way you want to add GAC 100 I know liquid text says it's not supposed to crazy but the only painting I did that crazed was just inks and pouring medium just the unit and this hopefully will not be too messy because this is my last pair of gloves whoo I guess I'll be stopping at walmart so i have my four colors you check the camera make sure you guys can see everything you can see pretty well alright so i have to health tanks to student level tank okay i'm going to put this is going to act as my wife might aunt is going to act as my wife i'm going to put some in the bottom didn't add any silicone didn't add any dimethicone I didn't add anything that's a house paint the next color I want to put is going to be the liquitex basics health paint artist paint artist paint needs to be a little bit thinner okay here's my consistency you should be able to see that from the five pouring from pretty high up a foot up ok now I'm going to put some more tan in so I have health paint liquitex health paint brown artist's loft raw umber more house paint a little more water to my fresh tangerines that's the orange color and you can see cells already starting to form now the key is to get them on the canvas and not pour them off okay what else do I have here and I have plenty of paint to cover this there's going to be so much pain it's not even going to be funny and maybe I'll just set these to the side and I'll go ahead and do a dirty poor so here's my paint you can see on the side okay hopefully you can see inside the cup hopefully oops there's lots of cells in the cup already I didn't add anything but health paint and water okay i'm going to turn I'm trying to look inside the cup and I have a little i have paint left I'm not worried about having paint left and that's my extra coat I don't want to waste that I'm running out of Cup Oh hold on I hope the camera was not going in and out of focus because i had forgot to fix that I'm so sorry turning autofocus off sorry and I'm going to lift my cup and you can see all my cells right there you have to know your paint you have to know your paint okay that's that's the best thing I can tell you know your paint know how it reacts but now I'm slightly concerned about what crackin and crazing because i did not add anything to prevent that and I want a little more turquoise down here so I'm just going to put some turquoise in there in the dirty pork up I don't want to tilt it too much it's going to run off or it's just going to fly across the room oops that accident I hope that doesn't turn to brown let's see what we get here okay I don't really like that but I'm going to I'm going to tilt it just a little bit more it's okay did I spend a lot of time and effort into this painting no I did not I'm covering the sides making sure I have paint where I need it because I am going to go up and see my stepmom in a little bit okay so I have orange cells i also have cells over here there were brown cells there were other cells in here that ended up getting poured off do i really like this no i don't really like this over here I don't want to keep that that's too much blue so it just needs to look a little bit different I don't care this is just the example that looks a little bit better at least it's a little bit more mixed together so I have orange cells all in here that's kind of like lacing these are orange self these are nice orange cells these are really nice orange cells notice that's with the blue and then the deserts and lots of little cells over here and these are really large cells and that's because i tilted it okay so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to turn off the auto focus and I'm going to lift the camera up so you can see am I worried about this over here no not really it's okay and I'm having to do this left-handed because I don't have any other gloves and okay so I know the camera may go in and out of focus for a minute but i'm just going to show you what we got so can you see the orange cells there when the camera is the color shifts the orange cells down here these are cells there's lots of what looks like cells are lacing in here in this section I don't know if you can see down here nice cells those are all cells right there oh yeah you can see that up here you can see better I'm trying not to tilt the canvas either okay there are other color cells there's orange but there's also some brown type stuff in there nothing over here and the other poor without the orange what does that tell me that that orange cells really nicely do you want orange and every single painting not necessarily but guess what once you find paints that you know will fell up very well keep that in mind okay and maybe I'm just going to leave it i'm just going to turn it real quick so i can see that there's anything over here that needs to be covered with paint and yes there's just a little bit right here sorry for my head in the way i'm going to take it up now i'm going to take some pictures i'm going to post some pictures and i'm going to work on saving this there won't be any editing because i know that people are wondering about this i'll post dry pictures on my facebook artist page Sarah physiol artist I hope if you have any questions on how to use pouring medium one to use pouring medium what the GAC 800 is for please put those in the comments below or you can message me on Facebook Sarah physio artist and I will answer your questions as soon as I'm able to I should be able to use my phone during the day starting tomorrow and I'd be happy to answer your questions or give you any tips or pointers so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give me a thumbs up share this with other people so that they know how to do this and kind of the reason why it works like it does and i honestly believe it has to do with the health paint and the artists paint and the ingredients in the health paint that make up the primer and i also am going to have a video coming out about their health paint that's already filmed and I got to talk to their representative that will probably be coming out friday i also have the video about Matisse acrylic what was it called Matisse acrylic painting medium that we can discuss and I have another video coming up about another medium you can use why would you use that medium this for everyone that wants to do these very running very thin a okay a craft paint is too thin to do this method with okay a crap paint you'll probably have to thicken this kind of paint fluid you would have to add a crop you would have to add something to it so basically when you put your paint or your pigment in a cup if it's not the right consistency you may have to thicken it or you may have to thin it you can send it with water but you need a medium like a pouring medium by liquitex a golden acrylic polymer medium by golden to thicken things ok so you want them all to be kind of the same consistency and even as I'm looking at this it's growing on me so what I'm going to do is I'm going to end this video thank you guys for watching thank you for clicking on my ads I really appreciate it and comment suggestions questions below and I hope everyone has a good evening lots of love bye.

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